Advantages Of Dance Mat Typing That Makes It Relevant

dance mat typing

The world is turning digital day by day. Technology is developing so rapidly that computers are now controlling almost all areas of our day today life. Whatever the field is, computers are used daily by many. To withstand in this era of technology, it’s a must that one should be proficient in touch typing right from a young age; this is where Dance Mat typing kicks in. If you do not have much idea about Dance Mat typing, please have a look at the official website.

Dance Mat typing teaches you to type easier and faster without much effort. According to experts at, teaching through fun and interaction is the best way to deal with kids which exactly is the approach of Dance Mat typing. This course progresses through four levels; each level has different stages. Continue reading to know about level 1 and all its stages.

Level 1- The beginning
This beginning level consists of three stages. Each stage gives insight into how to operate a new key.

Stage 1: In this stage, you will learn how to use your fingers to type correctly on the keyboard. This stage introduces you to the home row on the keyboard that is the row consisting of the alphabets “ASDFGHJKL”. The index fingers of the left and right hands should be placed on the letters “F “and “J” respectively. Leave the other fingers as per your convenience on the other letters of the same row.

Space button can be typed using either your left or right thumb. The space between “G” and “H” acts as the boundary line between the left and right hands. The left hand should be used to type the letters to the left of “G” and right hand for the letters to the left of it.

Stage 2: This stage begins with the review of what is taught in the first stage and then moves on to teach the efficient usage of two vowels “E” and “I”. Training is given to type “E” and “I” without taking hands from the home row. “E” should be typed using the left hand and “I” with the right hand. Exercises are ranging from easy to hard in this stage.

Stage 3: The letters taught in this stage are “R” and “U”. By the end of this stage, you will be able to type the letters of the home row, the vowels “E” and “I” and the consonants “R” and “U” quickly and efficiently.

Likewise, the other three levels with their various stages teach you to use the complete keyboard efficiently.

Benefits of Dance Mat Typing
Learning Dance Mat touch typing not only increases your speed of typing but also gives you many health benefits. This style of typing lets you keep your spine straight and wrists relaxed. Thus you would be able to maintain correct posture while typing which would save you from a lot of health issues.

Your age is never a barrier to start learning this new skill. Try it, and you would love the difference it brings to your typing speed!

Tips To Keep Your Weapon Safe In Your Vehicle

Gun Safe In Car

Carrying guns for self-protection have been practiced for several years across the country. In the earlier days, it was most often hub on the back window for easy access to the guns. Nowadays with the ongoing debate about firearms as well as the risk of having your guns stolen, most gun owners prefer to use a trunk gun. Investing in one of the best suv gun safes can also help keep your firearms safe from being stolen according to the experts at

A trunk gun is generally defined as a long gun that is usually kept locked inside the trunk of a vehicle to be used for self-defense. The trunk gun is often carried by people who live in areas where the laws prevent them from carrying a gun on their person or as a backup for the law enforcement. However, you need to be aware of the local laws before proceeding with carrying a trunk gun in your vehicle. For example, some states prohibit carrying a loaded gun in a vehicle, in other states the ammunition needs to be carried separately from the weapon. In a way this also reduces the weapon being used by other unscrupulous people to hurt innocent people or commit a crime.

Secure Storage Of Guns In Vehicles
If you plan on carrying a gun in your vehicle and the state laws allow you to do so, the first step involves examining your vehicle to find a place where the gun can be placed safely. Most cars have enough space to carry the gun under the back seat or in the trunk. Larger vehicles like 4xR drives will have plenty of cargo area, making it easier to keep the gun, whereas harder to conceal from prying eyes at the same time.

Some people prefer to lock their weapons in a steel security box and place it inside the vehicles. There are several steel cases which are specifically designed for carrying weapons in vehicles. It is extremely important that you do not in any way advertise the fact that you are carrying a gun or a weapon in your vehicle. Covering the security steel box with a large blanket or towel is another way to conceal the weapon from others. In case your vehicle gets stolen, the weapon is also stolen. You have to mention the stolen weapon as well while reporting your stolen car to the local law enforcement authorities. This will help you in case your weapon gets used in any crime at a later date.

The number one rule of carrying a gun is ensuring that it is not loaded, even if the manual safety is there. There are chances that a bump in the road might cause the gun to go off causing disastrous consequences for you or your loved ones. A trunk gun can prove helpful in self-defense in case you are ever caught in a dangerous situation. However, you need to make sure that you follow the rules and laws of the land as well as additional safety measures while hauling a trunk gun around.

Sending Fax Via Email That Will Make You Explore More Business Opportunities


As the technology unfolds every other day, there is more convenience availed at your fingertips. Gone are those days when you had to use the annoying fax machines to send relevant documents. But today, you can send across fax through emails in the most convenient way. The best part is you can transmit fax through any email platform.

Email faxing can help you out instantly to solve all your communication needs. Here is a module that explains the basics of how to send a fax through Gmail. The portals of highlight the technological advancements in the telecommunication industry that has evolved to benefit the humanity. Here’s how you can send a fax through the mail.

The working mechanism
The email fax service is an easier concept to comprehend and use. In a traditional fax machine, the document is scanned. It is then translated into a binary code for secure transmission. The fax machine at the receiver’s end as soon as it receives the fax decodes the information which is known as the facsimile document used for printing. Email fax service also works in the same way, but the computers replace the fax machines in different steps throughout the transmission process. You can use any of the email providers to send fax online. It does not require the presence of faxing machine.

Using Gmail for online faxing needs
Gmail offers better features, connected services, and a strong user base when compared to any other email providers. They are very popular for their unique attributes offered. You can directly send a fax using your Gmail account. Make sure to subscribe to a good email fax provider or try the free trail provided by them. It eliminates the need for installing any special hardware or software on your system. You can begin by logging into your email account. Start composing a mail.

Now, type the recipient’s number in the addressee column. For instance, if the recipient’s number is 987-6543 and your email fax provider’s name is, then type it out as [email protected] in the given field. Then start attaching the documents for faxing. The formats such as PDF, DOCX and DOC are supported by all email fax providers. Various other file formats can also be processed depending on your service provider. You can attach about seven to ten documents in an email for faxing.fax

As soon as you click the send button, your fax instantly reaches the service provider, and from there it gets directed to the recipient. The complete transmission process takes about a few seconds. Google allows you to hold an email account for sending faxes using your Gmail account. You can also receive fax using your Gmail account. It will be sent across to you like any other email. You can look for the attachments.

With the recent updates in Gmail, you can receive your faxes in a separate folder. Create a new folder to drag and drop the faxes into it. All your future faxes will automatically be assigned to that folder by Gmail. And the good news is Gmail fax can also be sent to your smartphone. With so many benefits coming your way, explore the email fax service right away.

Here’s How You Can Use Tinder Without Facebook


Tinder is not an uncommon verb for a millennial. Available on Android and iOS, this app detects your location and lists people who are near your area, whom you might be interested in networking. Like any other link, you have to sign in with your Facebook account to gain full advantage of the app.

The next question. Is it possible to use tinder with out Facebook? News articles in gives their readers insightful tips on using social media wisely. To get started, let us understand why the app is linked to Facebook.

One, when you sign in using Facebook, it is like allowing a known person to go through your personal records. There is no breach of security as Tinder has details of all the people in your friend list. The second important reason is that your photos from Facebook get automatically imported to Tinder. You don’t have to create a new profile picture or fill in your personal details.

Should Tinder Be Linked To Facebook?
The answer is no. In the probability of you checking the option for Tinder to view your contact list, Tinder goes through your friend list and finds a good match for you. You wouldn’t want to go on a date with the grumpy neighbor next door or the boy down the street who is always looking for ways to put a frog down your neck.

Auto-Sync Is Not Cool
This one’s a real danger for users. Assume you posted of you when you were are cherubic one-year old, or you had posted a picture with your teenager friends. You had worn braces over your teeth, freckles on your cheek and a large spectacle over your nose. These photos get imported to Tinder, and anyone going through your profile might get a chance to see these ‘sweet memories.’


Perils Of Hacking
In case your system gets hacked, all the dating information and confidential data will be leaked to the public. The thought of this is not very pleasing to imagine either.

1. Using Tinder Without Facebook

Change the settings in your Facebook account, so as to limit Tinder’s access to your profile. Here’s how you do it.

1. Sign in to your profile using your username and password. On the top right-hand corner, you will notice a prominent lock symbol. Click on this icon. Which will reveal a set of options for you?
2. Scroll down until you see a tab that says ‘ See more settings.’
3. On the left panel, choose apps and locate Tinder from among the applications listed.
4. Beneath the lock symbol near the app, you have to toggle the switch, so the profile is visible only to you.

This way, Tinder will not have the authority to post anything on your timeline.

2. Create A Fresh Facebook Account
The next method would be to create a new Facebook account. In your Tinder app, go to settings and click on app settings under app heading. Logout of your Tinder app. Next time you can sign into Tinder using your new Facebook account and limit the number of photos you post in this new account.

With careful choices, you can use Tinder wisely without letting Facebook come in the way.

Know Some Facts About Roofing Maintenance


The roof is the only part of our home that takes the most abuse both during winter as well as in summer. Hence it is the responsibility of every homeowner to pay attention to it in a periodical manner, failing which one has to pay a huge cost in later. As per roof repairs Cheltenham such a periodical check will not only enhances the life of the roof but also offer a better safety to all the people at home. To know more about the importance of roof maintenance homeowners can browse the website and get benefitted.

In general, roofs are stronger than other structures. But still, it is the best idea to perform periodical roof maintenance to ensure that things are working in order. In some cases, you may even need to hire a roofing contractor to do the repairs for you. The important thing is to inspect it before problems arise. Experts suggest that roof in a home has to be inspected once in three years and such inspection has to be carried out both end of winter season and the end of summer. This is mainly because winter and summer are considered to be the two seasons roofs are often abused.

Common issues seen on home roofs

For the benefit of the homeowners few of the common issues found in the roofs are discussed here:

Dark spots and mildew: One common symptom that you need roofing repair is mildew on the ceiling or at the tops of walls. Also one can notice a slight discoloration up there in the walls. Though this sort of a sign looks harmless, it is the kind of thing that might lead you to think of calling an expert. Many of leaks and other problems can be easily seen with the naked eyes.

Bad Shingles: Damaged shingles are other culprits people often ignore until it is too late. Such conditions make our home to give a shabby appearance and hence it is a right time to get them fixed.   A few broken shingles may allow lots of water coming into the house, so get them replaced as soon as possible.

Small leaks to become big leaks: One should not ignore a small leak as a small thing. If unattended, small will grow as large in a quick time which is considered to be more dangerous. Remember today’s small leak can become a downpour tomorrow. Hence be proactive and fix the issue when leaks are in small levels.

Clogged gutters:  A clogged gutter can also cause water damage because the gutters may break over time. Gutters are also an important part of keeping the roof in good shape because if the gutters are full, the debris falling from the roof will stay there and could damage shingles and metal.

Performing routine roof maintenance and hiring a professional roofing contractor when you need one is so important to improving the health of your home’s structure. When it comes to roof issues, one should not wait around till things become worse. One may not have enough funds right now or waiting for a suitable time, he or she will surely be letting the repair cost to go further in the later times.

Excellent Tips To Get Loan With Bad Credit


A good credit score reflects your sound financial situations. Maintaining a good credit score has many benefits such as quick loan sanction, low-interest rate, and new credit card approvals. Many people are not aware of how their credit score is fixed as this process is linked to many factors. If you are having a bad credit score, then you will find it difficult to get loans from banks and other financial institutions but still, there are some other alternative ways that can be used for getting the loans. You can use one of these methods to apply for good credit loans. There are different ways of improving your credit score as mentioned in . The following articles will explain about the alternative methods of getting a loan when your credit score is bad.

Even though, you have some decent balances on your other credits cards, the rate of interest will be high if you are taking a loan against credit cards to settle the dues. Sometimes, your financial position may go down if you encountered any business loss. If you need any loans to rebuild your business or your financial situation to increase your credit score, you will find it very difficult to get the loans due to bad credit score. You will be tagged under high-risk customer list by the banks association as the percentage of repaying the loan will be very low as per their calculations.

Home Equity

Home equity one of the best alternative methods to get a loan when you are having bad credit score. If your home property value is more than the total value of your pending dues, you will easily get loans with reduced interest rates. Keep in mind that you have to pay your loan dues on time without fail otherwise you may have to lose your home. It is good to take loan quote and interest rate details from many financial institutions so that you can compare and select the best institute who offers the loan with reduced interest rate.

Credit Union

Another option is to approach a credit union in your area. These credit unions are doing the same kinds of activities what the banks and other financial institutions are doing. These are basically non profitable organizations and they provide loans to their members from their earnings. Generally, they will provide loan with reduced interest rate for their members.

Peer to Peer Loan

This is another common method used by borrowers to get a loan with less interest rate. This kind of loan is provided by individuals, not from institutions based on the trust. Normally, they prefer providing loan for the known people and hence they may seek for references to provide loan for unknown people. The loan providers will also do the same kind of checks what the financials institutes do and also check your credit score.


Even though your friends and relatives are not in a position to provide you a loan but they can help you in getting a loan as the co-signer. The loan will be sanctioned based on your co-signers guarantee. Keep in mind that your co-signer will be held responsible if you have failed to pay the loan.

Important Tips On How To Quit Smoking Weed


Many people think that Cannabis is in all cases safe when used as a recreational drug. However, the truth is that it is highly addictive and might have destructive consequences on your life. Every day lives are wrecked and families are destroyed because of this terrible act of having “fun”.

A wide number of people strive hard to stop smoking weed, but unfortunately, do not succeed only because there are some missing approaches.

Here are some tips to succeed in this aim.
1. It is important that you should bear in mind that must decide that you actually wish to stop and have a new life. This cannot be done if you have not but your heart and mind into it. If you want to stop this vice, then you have to do so with 100% motivation. Don’t lose your self-esteem. It is important that you believe in yourself. For instance, even if you go for rehabilitation it is futile if you don’t stick to what you committed to do. Remember, others are there to support you. But you are the big source of help comes from you.
One of the simplest ways so that you will be reminded of reaching your aim is to write down all the negative effects of your addiction. On the opposite side of your list, write down the positive things that you wish to attain. This will serve as your motivating factors.

2 . Stopping the addiction is similar to going out to a battle field. Therefore, to win this battle it is important that you get to know your adversary. To stop your addiction, admit that this weed is the thing that you are going to battle. It is your worst enemy.

Take note that weed will take away your good state of mind. It will steal your good future, your free-will. It will, instead, create a barrier towards your bright future.

Knowing this enemy of yours means gathering information about it and the withdrawal process. Since you aim to stay away from this social drug, research on any difficulties that will possibly arise upon withdrawal. Research on the internet and find the reliable resources. This knowledge will empower you.By this, you can comprehend the real thing that drug addicts must go through to find the brand new life. This will serve as your incentive.

3. Reach out to other people such as family and friends. Be even more friendlier and create a support network. Opening yourself and communicating with others is prime to achieve your objective.
Remember not to isolate yourself from others. But not just any people but choose those who have optimistic views and positive behavior. These ones must have a broad idea as to what you are going through and what you want to achieve. Being surrounded with people like these will encourage you in your search for psychological liberty. Choose your friends and stay away from you so-called friends who influence you to smoke weed.You can visit this site <> to learn more on the negative effects of weed and how you can stop this habit. you can read more by looking at this resource

Lastly, remember to stay positive always and you will surely succeed.

eSport Source gaming monitor guide

gaming monitor

Gaming monitor is the most important component of any game, as it is the most frequently used computer component of any PC gamer. The gaming PC costs a lot and so it is very important to pair it up with a nice gaming monitor. It is very important to buy the best quality gaming monitor have all the top features at the most affordable price.
Here is the complete detailed eSport source gaming monitor guide, which will help you in buying the best gaming monitor for your PC.
Buying a good gaming monitor is very important as any other computer component may get old and not work properly, but a good quality gaming monitor can work properly for around 8 to 10 years. In fact your gaming monitor can contribute a lot toward your winning or losing a game.
A gaming monitor having powerful display so that your game won’t be hampered by blurred, torn or flickering images. A high quality gaming monitor enriches your gaming experience.
While choosing a gaming monitor always keep the resolution and panel size in mind. The bigger the gaming monitor is the better is its longetivity and the better is your chances of winning. A gaming monitor having 27 inch big screen is the perfect monitor for PC gamers and offers Full High-Definition (FHD) gaming experience. The gaming monitor even offers a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080. The 27 inch gaming monitor models are very wide have Quad High-Definition (WQHD) monitors and have maximum resolutions of 2,560 by 1,440 pixels. The higher the pixels that is the more the resolution the more sharper the image including the fact that you have powerful graphics engine. There are even high quality 24 inches gaming monitors available in the market which have maximum resolution of 1,920-by-1,080.
If you are filthy rich then the best option for you is to buy the 30 inch, UHD or Ultra-High-Definition gaming monitor, which not only delivers ultra stunning pictures having 3,840-by-2,160 resolution. Another high quality gaming monitor is the 34 inch ultra-wide gaming monitor which is available in two types of panel namely, curved or non-curved.
Another important thing is the panel technology. The most cheap panels are the Twisted Nematic panels that offer refresh rates and fast responses to pixels but they have color shifting issues. Vertical Alignment or VA panels have high contrast ratio, vibrant colors but their ghosting effects can hamper a gamers performance. IPS or In-Plane Switching panels provide high gray scale performance, good color quality and large viewing angles but are subjected to motion artifacts.
A gaming monitor should have various types of video inputs, so that it can be connected to different PCs and gaming consoles. The best video inputs are dual HDMI ports. Some graphic cards are available in the market that provide DisplayPort as well as DVI connectivity.
Good gaming monitors should have super fast pixel rates. Gray to gray pixel response spec is very good and is used by many gamers. It is essential foe a gaming monitor to have a high refresh rate.
Gaming monitor costs a good amount of money, so it is essential to carefully choose and buy the best gaming monitor so that your money doesn’t go to waste. Always keep the  gaming monitor guide in your mind while buying yourself the best gaming monitor.

How To Quit Smoking Weed

Give up smoking

While the speculation over legalizing pot still rages and the arguments of this drug are debated continually those who have developed an unhealthy reliance on this drug know oh so well the adverse effects it can bring to one’s life. From the long period that vanishes from your life, the amount of money you keep shelling out to feed the obsession with the horrifying absence of lucidity and memory that comes from long-term use, pot smokers looking to quit keep attempting to find the answer on how to stop smoking marijuana.
Fortunately, there are one or two key facts about blow obsession that can help you give up marijuana forever. The first thing you have got to know is that weed is not a chemically addictive drug like cigarettes or cocaine which contain certain chemicals that give the user withdrawal symptoms that have physical side effects that only the drug itself appear to be able to cure. Marijuana has none of these properties which mean that dependence on pot is a physiological dependence.
Mental obsession is comparable to gambling addiction or alcohol obsession in the sense that the user seeks the high of this activity because they hopelessly want it for reasons to do with their state of mind not what their body craves. While a difficulty gambler may keep betting for the exhilaration of winning and the opportunity to gain back his losses a weed addict must have a core set of issues that bring them back to the drug time and time again. For some it is simple as being a relaxant they rely on to help them calm down, others are drawn back because all their friends also smoke and they do it to be social, others still could have psychological issues that cut deep and the high of marijuana smoking is the only thing they feel can help them escape their constant torment.
Anyway, however, the solution is analogous, find these core issues you have before you try and throw in the towel on weed! If you don’t have a firm grasp on the difficulties that keep you returning to the drug you will never be able to give up smoking pot and keep sliding into using it continuously.
So before you even start making an attempt to give up smoking weed take this advice and have a look at the root reasons for your addiction which might not be the same as why you started smoking either
When you quit smoking pot; you can do it if you try. Your friends and family will thank you for it. They were starting to miss the old you. No one can explain that any better than your friends can because you will listen to a friend far better than you will a family member.
You can quit smoking marijuana; it’s becoming very unfashionable to smoke pot. Look around you. Don’t you see more straight people than you do people that are getting high? You can see the difference in the way they walk, talk, dress, and smell. It’s getting a very bad rap these days. People don’t want cigarette or marijuana smoke in their cars, their homes, in their clothes or hair.
You have to have noticed that people treat you differently now that you smoke all the time. They just don’t get you involved in good conversations anymore because 6when you smoke, you can’t stay focused long enough to figure out what they’re talking about. You get lost in conversations and give dumb answers to questions asked of you. You family just shakes their head and goes on about their business, knowing you won’t care one way or the other, what they are talking about.
You know you can quit, and you know you’ll make a better friend when you do. You will make friends and enjoy life more when you quit smoking weed. There is a lot of help out there and a lot of websites devoted to helping people with their addictions. You can quit smoking marijuana today. A perfect example of such a site is

What Reputation Management Services Should You Expect?

Reputation Management Services

Every business needs to have a good reputation both online and offline. One of the best ways to achieve this is by seeking the services of reputation management firms. What many do not know is the services they can expect from these firms. You can find out more about the reputation management services you can expect at You can do this yourself but it is best left to professionals. Let us look at some of the services you can expect to get.


Online presence is very important to the success of any business. This is particularly important at this time when everyone looks online before they buy anything. A good reputation management strategy must have an element of search engine optimization. This is the application of tactics that ensure your website ranks highly on search engine results. Nowadays a page that ranks at the top pages is believed to be reputable and many people trust its business. This applies for organic search but not paid results. The latter an actually hurt the reputation of a good business.

Create a powerful social media presence

Social media is where the clients are found and where you need to go looking for them. Just having a social media account will however not make you reputable. What you post and share in the account needs to show that you can be trusted. A good reputation management company will ensure that your followers on social media love you and even bring you more followers. They know the trends that the clients are looking for and know how to talk to convince them that you are the best. Whether you are doing business online o at a physical location, you will benefit from social media.

Turn bad reputation to good or at least remove it

Have you just had a rough time in the press with everyone criticising your business? Correcting this is among the services offered by reputation management firms. They will remove negative comments from search engine results leaving only what the potential clients will love seeing. They will also use other tactics that turn a bad reputation into a good one like engaging the customers. They can do this by getting in touch with the people affected resulting in the negative reputation and solving the issue that arose. They will show to the world all the good sides of the business you have and within no time you will be on the population’s good side.

Engaging clients

This is very important but you may not have the time for it. Reputation management firms will take care of it for you. They will respond to customer complaints and questions on social media platforms, review websites and even on your website. When clients get instant feedback they keep coming back because they know your brand is one they can talk to and get the feedback they need fast. Other than this, a firm may even offer to train your staff members so they learn how to handle clients better. The sales and customer support team will be taught how to be polite, listen and give the best service to the clients. This way all your customers will feel comfortable buying from you and will even recommend their friends.

Harsha Madivada’s $500 laptop collections

Best-Laptops-Under-500Whether you are working from your home, you like to travel often or you want to be online or play games wherever you go, laptops are an essential part of our life in 21st century. However if you’re not an expert, it can be fairly easy to buy an overpriced, or simply bad laptop. That’s why you should read this list of the best laptops under $500, before you actually buy one.
1. Asus F556UA-AB32
This laptop with pre-installed Windows 10 has a Full HD 15.6 inch display. There are 3 USB ports, including one USB 3.1 Type C port. The processor Intel i3-6100U is running at the clock rate of 2.3 GHz. You could find a 1TB HDD with 5400 RPM in the laptop, which will give you enough storage room for your files, games, and movies. While the 4 GB DDR4 RAM and Intel HD Graphics could be a little better, I think we shouldn’t complain since you can get this laptop for as little as $365.
2. Lenovo Ideapad 310
If you need something more powerful for gaming or video editing, then this one is an excellent choice for you. The display has 15.6 inches with only HD resolution, but it compensates with AMD A12-9700P processor with clock rate of 2.5 GHz and 1TB HDD. The crazy part about this laptop is 12GB of DDR4 RAM. It also comes with Windows 10.
3. Acer Aspire E5-575G-53VG
Okay, this one is a little over 500 bucks, but it’s totally worth the price, especially if you’re looking for sheer power. With pre-installed Windows 10, it comes with 6th generation Intel Core i5-6200U processor with clock rate up to 2.8 GHz, 8GB of DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD. The 15.6 inch Full HD display is powered by graphics processor NVIDIA GeForce 940MX with 2000MB ram size. What’s more, you will also get it with a backlit keyboard. The battery will last you up to 12 hours. So if you are looking for something powerful to support your gaming or video editing habits, I suggest you invest those extra few bucks and buy this one instead.
4. HP Pavilion x360
Are you looking for a 2-in-1? Then this one might be just for you. Yes, you can get a relatively cheap, good touch screen notebook under 500 bucks. Again, you will get it with pre-installed Windows 10. The 13.3 inch HD IPS display with the resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels will be just enough to watch movies, yet allow the laptop to be portable, as it weighs in at only 3.6 pounds. The battery will last you a little over 6.5 hours, which is lower than average, but it’s not a deal breaker. Inside the laptop, you can find Intel Core i3 2.3 GHz processor, 6GB RAM and 500GB HDD, which sounds like a sweet deal, given that this laptop is still a 2-in-1, which you can get for $467.
5. Asus Transformer Book T300CHI
This one is another great 2-in-1 laptop with a little less power, yet little more portability, so it’s ideal for you travelers out there. The only 12.5-inch touchscreen display offers full HD resolution, so you can watch movies and scroll through your Facebook comfortably. This laptop has 4GB of RAM, Intel Core M-5Y10 processor, 128GB SSD and Windows 8.1. The weight with an attached keyboard is only 3.2 pounds, which is about as lightweight as it gets. The battery will last you for only around 6 hours, so you should probably keep a charger near you while on the road.
So there you have it. These are currently five of the best budget laptops on the market for anyone. I hope you will choose from these Harsha Madivada $500 laptops collections. If you’re looking to buy them, the best idea is to visit the laptop section at

Top Prank Ideas


Who doesn’t love playing a prank and have fun in their life? Prank activities ask for a lot of originality and creativity every time they are tried on someone or group. And that’s why at we find some great pranks which are refreshingly new and funny enough that people laugh all the way. A look at takes you through a journey of prank ideas during wedding functions. The following pranks have proved successful by leaving many victims in its wake:

The Cell Phone Trick
Pretend and create an angry conversation with anyone who has made you angry. Then, quickly toss the mobile phone in air yell at them to fly and grab it. Then, quickly let them know you were throwing a prank.

Camera Smash
Have an old camera handy which no longer works. Click a couple of photographs by lining up people and making a big deal about the whole thing. Now pretend that there is something not right with the camera, become frustrated and aggressively smash the poor camera left and right.

Underwater Camera
Say that your camera is completely waterproof and take in underwater. Now act like you are disappointed and say the camera is not working anymore.

Break My Neck
Stick under the arm with a plastic bottle or even a plastic cup. Complain that chiropractor has hurt your neck. Now put your hand above your head and twist your neck slowly. You can also try the same by saying that you know how to make adjustments to your neck.

Opening A Beer Bottle With Just Your Eye
Twist off the beer bottle cap and place it lightly back on. Now stick the top of the bottle right into your eye and twist it by making a frothy sound. The cap will be popped off and it will make people assume you opened the beer bottle with your eye.

Walk The Wall
Put your hand over your face and walk right into the wall corner. Quickly smack the hand into the wall and crumble on the floor. But rise immediately and announce you are okay before they freak out.

The Combo Trick
This prank needs around 3 people for the performance. Let the first person open the beer bottle with his eye. Then, let the second person move their neck and squash one of the plastic cups. As if, this is not enough, walk into wall and shock the people. The trio trick is enough to keep their jaws open for some time.

Glue The Money
Albeit it is quite old, but it works. Glue a quarter on the floor and watch people trying to pick up the coin.

Water In Vodka Bottle
Get two small bottles filled with liquor for this challenge. Fill one with vodka and another with water. Now drink the latter and offer the former to the challenger. You can also carry the water-filled vodka bottle to meetings or any physical activity. Fool people by saying that you need it to keep your energy going.

Cabinet Medicine Prank
This is a classic prank. In a party, caution the guests by putting a sign on the medicine cabinet that says do not touch. But before this, you have to rig up a small box of marbles inside the cabinet. If anyone attempts to open the cabinet, the marbles will start rolling out.

Foot Massagers and It’s Benefits


A good foot massager is the best option for those who are suffering from plantar fasciitis. There are many other benefits of using a foot massager other than reducing the heel pain. A good foot massager can improve your blood circulation which is good for your health condition to increase. It can also able to decrease your stress level and reduce the inflammation. There are many different types of foot massager available in the market and hence it is really a difficult task to select a good one. There are some great massagers if you have plantar fasciitis according to Here are a few tips on how to go about selecting a foot massager:

Manual Foot Massagers
The manual foot massager is the most common and widely used foot massager around the world. This is very easy to use by anyone and very comfortable while using. This will be like small roller with strips around the surface. You need to give a little pressure with your legs and you have to roll the foot massager to get many benefits. Some advanced manual foot massager has many rollers which can be used to massage your full foot at one time. You can simply carry this portable foot massager anywhere while you are traveling.

Electric Foot Massagers
The electric foot massager is the best option for those who cannot use the manual foot massager in an effective manner. You can have a better control of your massage pressure by adjusting the control button. The next advantage of using the electric foot massager is that you will have two separate slots for keeping both the legs and you can do massage for both the legs at one time. These foot massagers are normally large in size and hence it can able to cover your calves also while doing the massages. This will be ideal for those having foot and ankle issues along with heel pain.

Spa Foot Massagers
Spa foot massager is the good option for those they cannot use the electric and manual foot massager. This will be normally done by some professional in this field using their hands. Normally, they will ask you to keep your legs under water while attempting the spa foot massage.

· There are many benefits to using a good foot massager. It can help control your heel pain and stress.
· Most importantly, you will be more relaxed while using the foot massager. A good foot massage will make for more relaxed after your full tiring day at work.
· Some kind of foot massager can able to boost your blood circulation and which in turn will lead to many health benefits. If you have more blood circulation then your oxygen level will increase in the body. If the oxygen level is good, then your body can able to cure any kind of diseases easily.
· A good foot massager can able to increase your energy level and also it can able to boost the immunity level in your body. This will help you to stay fit and healthy always.

Cast Iron – the Classic Material for Cookware for Good Reason

cast iron

Cookware can be made using many different materials including steel, ceramic, copper and cast iron. Cast iron is one of the classic materials used to make skillets, pans and other cookware since almost two thousand years. The history and shapes of cast iron cookware has undergone many changes over the centuries because of the changes in the various sources of heat used to cook food; from fireplaces to Dutch ovens and now to stoves, the cast iron cookware has seen a lot of changes. Even now, cast iron is used almost exclusively to make many cooking utensils and surfaces like grills, griddles, waffle irons, woks, panini presses etc.

Cast iron has been preferred over other materials because of various reasons. Firstly, it it highly durable; you can even find decades old cast iron cookware in antique stores and garage sales. Cast iron is built to last and it is very difficult to ruin. If it is seasoned properly, it can last many many decades.

Cast iron doesn’t bend easily, nor does it scratch or crack unless expressly subjected to high amounts of pressure and force. Another reason why cast iron is a great material to make pans and skillets is that once its heated up, it stays hot for a long time and doesn’t cool down too quickly. This is because it has a very high volumetric heat capacity. This is great for searing meat and other quick caramelization procedures and also for good stir fry. Heat retention is a very important property of good quality cooking materials and cast iron has it in volumes.

Cast iron is also high in emissivity, which means that if you are cooking something in a low emissivity material like stainless steel, you are only cooking the food directly in contact with the material, while in high emissivity materials like cast iron, food much above the surface is also getting heated up. This is a great advantage for cooking various items like hash browns or chicken and veggies. The most important part about owning and maintaining a cast iron pan or skillet is seasoning it correctly and appropriately. This will make the pan highly resilient, extremely durable and even highly non stick.

Care should be taken to wash the cookware after each use with soap and water and to store it as dry as possible in order to avoid rusting of the pans or skillets. There are also health benefits in relation to using cast iron cookware. It has been observed that using cast iron utensils to cook food leaches noteworthy amounts of dietary iron into the food. This is of great advantage to anemic people, but the fact remains that people with hemochromatosis or iron overload should avoid food cooked in cast iron utensils.It is thus safe to say that cast iron is a classic material for cookware and will always be part of a well stocked kitchen no matter what scientific advances the human race achieves.You can find more info here, Cast iron skillet/pan is about better kitchens and better cooking.

Interesting Benefits Of Having A Merchant Account

Benefits Of Having A Merchant Account

Anyone can avail the merchant services if they are running a business and want to take their business to the next level. All types of payment processing methods such as processing checks, debit cards, credit cards and electronic payments are called merchant services in general terms. Cash and check type payment settlement methods are nowadays considerably reduced due to the advanced developments in the business world. Customers are using mostly debit cards, credit cards and online payment settlement methods due to the convenience and safety of use. Several firms like offer their services in setting up merchant accounts for businesses. In order to use the merchant services, you should first open a merchant account according to You can find here the benefits of having a merchant account.

Card Payments
A merchant account will enable your business to accept the credit and debit card payments. This is one of the important benefits as debit and credit payment methods will boost your business opportunities. Nowadays, customers are interested in settling their payments either through online or card payment methods due to many advantages. No one will ready the take the risk of carrying huge money for shopping.

Increase In Sales Volume
Card payments methods will attract many new customers and it will increase your cash flow. Study results revealed that enabling the card payment will increase your sales volume by 83% even though your type of business is small in nature. The increased sales volume will increase your revenue and you can expand your business opportunities as the cash flow is more.

Online Payments
Other than, card payments settlement methods, the next most famous and common payment processing method is the online payment processing method. A merchant account will enable you to accept online payment methods also. There is no location limitation for online business and hence many outstation customers will also buy your products or want to avail your services. This will definitely boost your sales volume.

Easy Management
Processing the payments through merchant accounts will ease your reconciliation activities. You can easily manage your cash inflow and outflow by generating the reports as per your requirements. You can easily do a forecast and plan your future business activities in advance. Event the refund requests will also be processed through the system and hence you will have proper control of your business.

Avoid Negative Impact
If you are issuing a check for the products and services availed from a merchant, the check details have to be perfect in all respects. In the case of any technical issues or there are no funds in the account, the check will be bounced and it will have a negative impact your business. On the other hand, you can opt for equated monthly installment schemes, unique offer provided by your financial institutions if the amount is huge and you cannot settle in a single payment.

Customer Convenience
Customers are the ultimate beneficiary if you enable the cards payments or online payment method using a merchant account. They can opt for many different types of payments settlement services offered by their banks or other financial services.