Lucky Patcher App

If you are a smart phone user, you might have often found it irritating when ads, license verifications, etc. pop up on your screen. Haven’t you thought how nice it would be if you could get rid of such things? Lucky Patcher is here to help you! Lucky Patcher is an attractive Android tool to modify permissions, remove advertisements, bypass the license verification of premium applications, etc. In order to make use of this tool, you need a rooted device. For your iPhone, iPad, etc. iOS version of lucky patcher should be installed. The likewise should be done for Windows and Mac OS.

There are certain apps which cannot be just installed by using an external source for downloading their apk files as these apps come under Google verification process. Apps such as Link2SD Plus, Power Amp, GoldenDict, etc. are examples. You can find many more in If you have Lucky Patcher app, the installation of such apps is a cakewalk. It also helps to get the pro version of apps which would be free from ads. Moreover, Lucky Patcher helps you to make in-App purchases like getting lives in games, getting coins, etc. for free.

How to use Lucky Patcher?
· The first step is apk file download from Lucky Patcher.

· After downloading, install the file and launch the application. Then you can see the explanations related to different types of apps.

· The explanation includes the behavior of each app such as whether it has Google ads or not, is license verification required or is there any other restrictions.

Lucky Patcher- Its exciting features!

Removal of ads from free apps: Most of the free apps, when downloaded, show ads on them. This will slow down your internet speed, and sometimes even cost you money. Lucky Patcher lets you disable ads on your device.

Custom Patch helps to get full version: There are some apps like Poweramp music player, Titanium backup, etc. which let you use the entire features only if you download the premium version or pro key. The custom patch can be applied to such apps so that you get the full version without buying pro key. Custom Patch achieves this by replacing the original hex code of the app (that is responsible for locking the features) by other code which unlocks it.

Get rid of license verification from apps: Android devices may not let you download some paid apps from sources other than Google Play Store if you do not have licenses for those apps. Lucky Patcher removes this license verification and lets you use the full version. But this feature may not support all apps. The success can be enhanced by using modded Google play store which is another interesting app that can be downloaded and installed within the Lucky patcher. It has an option for offline verification of license. The auto update feature is disabled in modded Google Play store which enhances convenience.

Having read about Lucky Patcher and Modded Play Store, what do you feel? Both are worth a try, right? So why wait? Go ahead, install them and enjoy!