dance mat typing

The world is turning digital day by day. Technology is developing so rapidly that computers are now controlling almost all areas of our day today life. Whatever the field is, computers are used daily by many. To withstand in this era of technology, it’s a must that one should be proficient in touch typing right from a young age; this is where Dance Mat typing kicks in. If you do not have much idea about Dance Mat typing, please have a look at the official website.

Dance Mat typing teaches you to type easier and faster without much effort. According to experts at, teaching through fun and interaction is the best way to deal with kids which exactly is the approach of Dance Mat typing. This course progresses through four levels; each level has different stages. Continue reading to know about level 1 and all its stages.

Level 1- The beginning
This beginning level consists of three stages. Each stage gives insight into how to operate a new key.

Stage 1: In this stage, you will learn how to use your fingers to type correctly on the keyboard. This stage introduces you to the home row on the keyboard that is the row consisting of the alphabets “ASDFGHJKL”. The index fingers of the left and right hands should be placed on the letters “F “and “J” respectively. Leave the other fingers as per your convenience on the other letters of the same row.

Space button can be typed using either your left or right thumb. The space between “G” and “H” acts as the boundary line between the left and right hands. The left hand should be used to type the letters to the left of “G” and right hand for the letters to the left of it.

Stage 2: This stage begins with the review of what is taught in the first stage and then moves on to teach the efficient usage of two vowels “E” and “I”. Training is given to type “E” and “I” without taking hands from the home row. “E” should be typed using the left hand and “I” with the right hand. Exercises are ranging from easy to hard in this stage.

Stage 3: The letters taught in this stage are “R” and “U”. By the end of this stage, you will be able to type the letters of the home row, the vowels “E” and “I” and the consonants “R” and “U” quickly and efficiently.

Likewise, the other three levels with their various stages teach you to use the complete keyboard efficiently.

Benefits of Dance Mat Typing
Learning Dance Mat touch typing not only increases your speed of typing but also gives you many health benefits. This style of typing lets you keep your spine straight and wrists relaxed. Thus you would be able to maintain correct posture while typing which would save you from a lot of health issues.

Your age is never a barrier to start learning this new skill. Try it, and you would love the difference it brings to your typing speed!