A good foot massager is the best option for those who are suffering from plantar fasciitis. There are many other benefits of using a foot massager other than reducing the heel pain. A good foot massager can improve your blood circulation which is good for your health condition to increase. It can also able to decrease your stress level and reduce the inflammation. There are many different types of foot massager available in the market and hence it is really a difficult task to select a good one. There are some great massagers if you have plantar fasciitis according to Here are a few tips on how to go about selecting a foot massager:

Manual Foot Massagers
The manual foot massager is the most common and widely used foot massager around the world. This is very easy to use by anyone and very comfortable while using. This will be like small roller with strips around the surface. You need to give a little pressure with your legs and you have to roll the foot massager to get many benefits. Some advanced manual foot massager has many rollers which can be used to massage your full foot at one time. You can simply carry this portable foot massager anywhere while you are traveling.

Electric Foot Massagers
The electric foot massager is the best option for those who cannot use the manual foot massager in an effective manner. You can have a better control of your massage pressure by adjusting the control button. The next advantage of using the electric foot massager is that you will have two separate slots for keeping both the legs and you can do massage for both the legs at one time. These foot massagers are normally large in size and hence it can able to cover your calves also while doing the massages. This will be ideal for those having foot and ankle issues along with heel pain.

Spa Foot Massagers
Spa foot massager is the good option for those they cannot use the electric and manual foot massager. This will be normally done by some professional in this field using their hands. Normally, they will ask you to keep your legs under water while attempting the spa foot massage.

· There are many benefits to using a good foot massager. It can help control your heel pain and stress.
· Most importantly, you will be more relaxed while using the foot massager. A good foot massage will make for more relaxed after your full tiring day at work.
· Some kind of foot massager can able to boost your blood circulation and which in turn will lead to many health benefits. If you have more blood circulation then your oxygen level will increase in the body. If the oxygen level is good, then your body can able to cure any kind of diseases easily.
· A good foot massager can able to increase your energy level and also it can able to boost the immunity level in your body. This will help you to stay fit and healthy always.