Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops are the gifts of technology designed with the aim of making cooking easy and quick for you! Nowadays induction cooktops are preferred by many because of the comforts they provide. If you have a plan to buy one, just check out the best induction cooktop in india. What are the benefits of induction cooktops compared to other cooktops? Let us analyse in detail!

Really fast action

According to the experts at, cooking speed is one of the primary features that most of the people are looking for in their cooking appliances. The heating action of an induction cooktop is really fast. The principle used is electromagnetic induction which directly heats up the pan kept on the cooktop. On the other hand, in the case of electric and gas cooktops, there are intermediate layers such as burner and flames respectively. Thus, the heating in them is indirect and hence happens at a slower rate.

Less heat dissipation

One of the common complaints of housewives is about the heat while working in the kitchen. Most often, the increased heat is due to the heat dissipated from the gas or electric cooktops. The flame from a gas cooktop emits a lot of heat all around it so that it heats up the entire room. Induction cooktops do not have this problem because here the heat is generated inside the pan and not much heat is dissipated around. Thus, you can cook comfortably without sweating a lot! Less heat dissipation also increases the energy efficiency and thereby reduces the energy consumption and the bills.


Lesser heat loss serves as the reason for another vital benefit, that is safety. Increase temperature is often the reason for fire and related accidents. As induction cooktops do not heat up the room, chances for such accidents are less.

Precise temperature control

Cooking does not happen at a fixed temperature always. Some food items need to be cooked at high temperature for a short time, while some others at a low temperature for a long time. So, controllability is a mandatory feature for every cooktop. Gas cooktops allow flame control by the adjustment of dial. But the temperature adjustment of induction cooktops is much more efficient and precise. The performance is extremely good even at low-temperature settings.

Easy cleaning

One of the major drawbacks with gas cooktops is the frequent spillovers which take a lot of time to clean up. Induction cooktop has very lesser chances of food burning onto it because it does not get overheated very often. Thus, cleaning is not very difficult and time-consuming. Swipes with a cloth or sponge will often do the job, and long powerful scrubs would not be required at all.

These are all undoubtedly the comforts that everybody would love to have in their kitchen. If a good induction cooktop guarantees you all of these together, then why not try it out? It is definitely worth the money you pay for it. So, explore the available options, study the reviews and bring home the best in the market! Enjoy super-fast cooking!