Boost Efficiency Of Air Conditioners

On a hot sunny day, nothing makes you feel better and comfortable than a cold breeze of air. Air conditioners are an irreplaceable part of a typical US household. But with the increased use of air conditioners, comes the increased cooling expenses. These costs tend to carve into your monthly budget, and you are at a loss what to do. You can’t stop using the air conditioning system as the heat is too much to bear. But the rising cash bills are also a great cause of concern for any average family who depends on the monthly salary of both spouses to make both ends meet. click here to know how to save your hard-earned money. The web page also recently stressed on the problems created due to rising heating and cooling bills.

So, how to save money on cooling bills and relax on a couch under the cool breeze from an air conditioner? Here are some tricks to help you:

Cleanliness Always Helps!

The outdoor unit of air conditioners always works the best when it is cleaned on a regular basis. When the dust particles and debris are removed efficiently, the air becomes more fresh and crisp. The air conditioner also works much more effortlessly thereby reducing the power consumption. You could even seek professional help for a thorough cleaning of your appliance once in awhile.

Remove The Blocks From Air Vents

The indoor supply vents can get blocked due to deposits of dust particles or debris that limits the free flow of air. Try vacuuming the vents and see that the air flows steadily and smoothly. Thus, the efficiency of air conditioners is improved if the blocks are removed. Also take care to keep away any sort of materials like furniture parts, kids toys or blinds of window away from the air vents. Such materials often cause blockages and restrict the smooth working of air conditioners.

A Programmable Thermostat

A thermostat that can be programmed and adjusted according to the change in climate conditions can help a great deal. During winter seasons, you can try reducing the temperature down about 5 to 8 degrees. Keep adjusting the temperatures during different durations of a day. You could also adjust the thermostat when you leave home for an extended trip. This adjustment of thermostat helps to save energy and money to a considerable limit.

Keep Heat Appliances Away From Thermostats

The thermostat can get confused if you place heat producing appliances near it. Devices like lights, iron box, etc. should not be placed near the thermostat. This makes the thermostat to detect atmospheric temperature to be hotter than the original temperature. Hence, they produce much more cool air to combat the heat. Thus, the system utilizes more energy and works for longer durations. This obviously would raise your electricity bills.

Pull Down The Blinds Or Close The Curtains!

On a hot sunny day, it would be better to pull down your blinds or close the curtains of all windows of the house. This ensures that the direct rays of hot sun do not enter the rooms. This makes the room feel much cooler naturally without any usage of energy.