Tinder is not an uncommon verb for a millennial. Available on Android and iOS, this app detects your location and lists people who are near your area, whom you might be interested in networking. Like any other link, you have to sign in with your Facebook account to gain full advantage of the app.

The next question. Is it possible to use tinder with out Facebook? News articles in gives their readers insightful tips on using social media wisely. To get started, let us understand why the app is linked to Facebook.

One, when you sign in using Facebook, it is like allowing a known person to go through your personal records. There is no breach of security as Tinder has details of all the people in your friend list. The second important reason is that your photos from Facebook get automatically imported to Tinder. You don’t have to create a new profile picture or fill in your personal details.

Should Tinder Be Linked To Facebook?
The answer is no. In the probability of you checking the option for Tinder to view your contact list, Tinder goes through your friend list and finds a good match for you. You wouldn’t want to go on a date with the grumpy neighbor next door or the boy down the street who is always looking for ways to put a frog down your neck.

Auto-Sync Is Not Cool
This one’s a real danger for users. Assume you posted of you when you were are cherubic one-year old, or you had posted a picture with your teenager friends. You had worn braces over your teeth, freckles on your cheek and a large spectacle over your nose. These photos get imported to Tinder, and anyone going through your profile might get a chance to see these ‘sweet memories.’


Perils Of Hacking
In case your system gets hacked, all the dating information and confidential data will be leaked to the public. The thought of this is not very pleasing to imagine either.

1. Using Tinder Without Facebook

Change the settings in your Facebook account, so as to limit Tinder’s access to your profile. Here’s how you do it.

1. Sign in to your profile using your username and password. On the top right-hand corner, you will notice a prominent lock symbol. Click on this icon. Which will reveal a set of options for you?
2. Scroll down until you see a tab that says ‘ See more settings.’
3. On the left panel, choose apps and locate Tinder from among the applications listed.
4. Beneath the lock symbol near the app, you have to toggle the switch, so the profile is visible only to you.

This way, Tinder will not have the authority to post anything on your timeline.

2. Create A Fresh Facebook Account
The next method would be to create a new Facebook account. In your Tinder app, go to settings and click on app settings under app heading. Logout of your Tinder app. Next time you can sign into Tinder using your new Facebook account and limit the number of photos you post in this new account.

With careful choices, you can use Tinder wisely without letting Facebook come in the way.