1452920859When you meet with an accident due to negligence of someone you can claim your insurance policy. The amount of claim depends on the severity of your injury and whether the accident covers under insurance policy. To know if the accident is worth to demand the claim you can fix an appointment with a lawyer working in Baizer Kolar P.C. Law firm and verify your actual claim amount with the insurance company.

Your chances of claim is very less if the defendant has an insurance coverage for the car accident. You must follow the tips given below to get your personal injury claims.

You must take the medical help immediately after the accident if you are injured slightly or severely. The medical reports and medical bills act as evidence when you file the case in the court and you have more chances of winning in your case. Mostly Police visit the accident spot after the incident and file a report about the accident with the contact details of both the victim and the defendant.

When explaining the accident details to third parties you must never tell about the person who made the mistake or provide any extra information. You must keep all the records and bills of your injury such as bills of medical expenses, records of lost property etc.

You must be very alert when dealing with the insurance companies since the insurance company tries to pay only low amount and it better to hire a personal injury lawyer to handle the insurance company. You should not sign any documents or forms without understanding them pertaining to personal injury. It will affect you in the long run because the documents may be related to withdraw the case against the defendant.

It is also important that you must file the case within the deadline time stipulated by every state.
You cannot file your claim once the deadline has expired.