As the technology unfolds every other day, there is more convenience availed at your fingertips. Gone are those days when you had to use the annoying fax machines to send relevant documents. But today, you can send across fax through emails in the most convenient way. The best part is you can transmit fax through any email platform.

Email faxing can help you out instantly to solve all your communication needs. Here is a module that explains the basics of how to send a fax through Gmail. The portals of highlight the technological advancements in the telecommunication industry that has evolved to benefit the humanity. Here’s how you can send a fax through the mail.

The working mechanism
The email fax service is an easier concept to comprehend and use. In a traditional fax machine, the document is scanned. It is then translated into a binary code for secure transmission. The fax machine at the receiver’s end as soon as it receives the fax decodes the information which is known as the facsimile document used for printing. Email fax service also works in the same way, but the computers replace the fax machines in different steps throughout the transmission process. You can use any of the email providers to send fax online. It does not require the presence of faxing machine.

Using Gmail for online faxing needs
Gmail offers better features, connected services, and a strong user base when compared to any other email providers. They are very popular for their unique attributes offered. You can directly send a fax using your Gmail account. Make sure to subscribe to a good email fax provider or try the free trail provided by them. It eliminates the need for installing any special hardware or software on your system. You can begin by logging into your email account. Start composing a mail.

Now, type the recipient’s number in the addressee column. For instance, if the recipient’s number is 987-6543 and your email fax provider’s name is, then type it out as [email protected] in the given field. Then start attaching the documents for faxing. The formats such as PDF, DOCX and DOC are supported by all email fax providers. Various other file formats can also be processed depending on your service provider. You can attach about seven to ten documents in an email for faxing.fax

As soon as you click the send button, your fax instantly reaches the service provider, and from there it gets directed to the recipient. The complete transmission process takes about a few seconds. Google allows you to hold an email account for sending faxes using your Gmail account. You can also receive fax using your Gmail account. It will be sent across to you like any other email. You can look for the attachments.

With the recent updates in Gmail, you can receive your faxes in a separate folder. Create a new folder to drag and drop the faxes into it. All your future faxes will automatically be assigned to that folder by Gmail. And the good news is Gmail fax can also be sent to your smartphone. With so many benefits coming your way, explore the email fax service right away.