wedding flower

Flowers add a lot of color and variety and have an exceptional place in all events especially weddings. Fresh flowers are not only a matter of decor or aesthetics, but there is a lot of significance which most people do not know. Wedding flowers was a code made by Victorian era men to express their emotions to women. Based on the marriage theme, you can choose colors, type, and various sized flowers. Selecting the right flowers needs a lot of planning and so does the design for floral arrangements. You can research the flowers as well as arrangements by visiting the Fleuriste’s Instagram Page or by looking at wedding photos available in the marriage venue.

There are many resources like where you should check out the various types of wedding flowers. Once you have a list of your needs based on what your interest and preferences are, you can approach your florist or wedding planner to make floral arrangements. The other advantage of making a list of flowers is with budgeting.

Wedding flowers as important as your dress:

Just like how a marriage dress describes the personality and style of the bride, so makes the floral arrangements. As the flowers come in various hues, there is no limit to the creations that you can make with those flowers. From simple designs to complex luxury floral, the creativity you can bring in is unlimited.

Significance of various blooms in wedding

Rose: It is known as the symbol of love; this flower is used extensively in all weddings from bouquets to center tables. Moreover, rose comes in different colors and each expresses an emotion. Red rose express love and passion. White is akin to purity and innocence; pink expresses gratefulness for their union as a couple, Ivory shows loyalty.

Chrysanthemums were used to signify wealth, prosperity, and truth which is much needed in marriage. But though most people do not know its actual significance opt for it as it can be easily combined with other blooms and they do not possess any fragrance which is perfect for bridal bouquets

Stephanotis: If you are a bride who is traditional at heart them this bloom is for you as it symbolizes a happy marriage.

Orchids and Tulips: If you are a bride who is not worried about the budget of your flower arrangements, orchids make a fashion statement. Not only that, but it also means love.
Tulips like rose come in many colors; these blooms signify passion and love which is perfect for a wedding theme.

Bouquet color: The color of the bouquet also carries a lot of significance in the wedding. Earlier, it was thought that the brighter the color of it, the more passionate the feelings of the bride were. Though today there is no special meaning attached to the color of the bouquet, it is based on the dress she is wearing, style and her preference. The bridal bouquet is color coded according to her bridal dress.

Flowers to avoid in weddings
Traditionally speaking some flowers were considered a bad omen and not used in weddings. But these superstitions are ignored by many, and they choose what they like best.