Costa Rica is one of the beautiful countries for expats. Many foreigners want to buy properties in this country. If you are one among them, then you would need various suggestions on this matter. In this article, we provide some useful tips for foreigners, who are planning to buy a property in Costa Rica. Foreigners have rights to purchase property in Costa Rica. In fact, foreigners can enjoy many rights like Costa Rica residents. However, foreigners cannot have voting rights at municipal and presidential elections.

Foreigners have two exceptions in buying a property in Costa Rica. First, they cannot own a property fully in a maritime zone. Secondly, they cannot own the INDER property. Most properties in Costa Rica are titled and there are only a few untitled properties. Properties that are situated within 50 meters of high tide are protected and public. Property that is donated to the farmer cannot be sold until it is owned by former for at least 15 years.

Title insurance is available for the properties in Costa Rica. However, most local residents never use this insurance during their real estate purchase. To find out the options available for title insurance, you can just browse the Internet. Costa Rica has protected land mass. Before buying a property, you need to check whether it is located in a restricted area or not. You can check the National Registry, to find out whether the property you want it to be situated at a protected zone or not.

You should never show any hesitation in hiring a real estate attorney. Real estate transactions are always risky to do without proper knowledge. There are lots of paper works and documentation required for successfully completing a real estate transaction. With a real estate lawyer by you side, you can ensure that all the formalities are properly done. An attorney can help you find if the opposite party is trying to cheat you by showing fake or false documents. By hiring a good lawyer, you can effectively safeguard yourself from the legal risks.

Costa Rica is one of the countries, where you can spend your leisure time. It is one of the tourist countries visited by many people every year. There is more demand for properties in Costa Rica. You need to find a property that can meet your comfort levels and other needs. You can browse properties on the Internet. There are websites, which list the Costa Rica properties. Browsing via Internet help you find a suitable property.

You can get the help from a reputable real estate agent to find an ideal property. A real estate agent in Costa Rica can have knowledge about the local real estate matters. Therefore, he would be able to show you good properties. You have to read the real estate news to know more about Costa Rica Realty. Real estate news helps you take an informed decision. Buying a property in Costa Rica can be a good investment as well. This is because the prices of properties in Costa Rica are shooting up due to increasing demand. Due to these reasons, you can think of buying a property in Costa Rica.