Determining the best safety shaving blade is one that depends on various factors and varies from person to person. The efficiency and performance of a blade depends a lot on the skin and hair type. It will take a little experimenting to find out what suits a person best. Some retailers offer special sample packs that are a cost effective way to check through available options to determine the best pick. The sharpest blades are not always the best safety razor blades. illustrates how the sharpest blades cause injuries and also suggests ways for their easy disposal. Here is our list of the best safety shaving blades available.

BIC: The BIC Chrome platinum blades are sharper than most other blades in the same price range but are not as extremely sharp as Feathers. This blade is good for those who still learning proper technique and those whose skin is easily irritated by sharp blades. The more aggressive razor, the Merkur Slant Bar is a sharper blade at affordable price.

Crystal: These are blades built in Israel and are also sold as Blue Personna. These blades aren’t as sharp as Feather but offer a smooth shave for men with thick beards. The Crystal blade edge is sharper than that of Merkur and Derby. These blades go well for men with all skin and beard types. They are affordable and not too harsh.

Derby: Derby blades have a great following for their smoother edges that are most suitable for those with sensitive skin. They might come off as dull to those with a thick beard. The blades are inexpensive and are great for beginners.

Feather: These are Japan made blades and are currently available in all markets. These blades have a great reputation for being effective even with the coarsest beard types. Those with sensitive skin may not take well to these aggressive razors. These are high quality blades and are not recommended for beginners.

Kai: Although not very popular, this blade made in Japan is considered equivalent to Feather. It has well polished cutting edges and is not as harsh and aggressive as Feather. The blade is made of thicker guagesteel owing to which the structure of Kai blades is different from many other blades.

Merkur: Merkur being the largest manufacturers of wet shaving products can easily be found almost anywhere. The blade is ideal for those with normal skin type and light o medium beards. The blades have a slightly rougher edge and may not be very comfortable to many.

Red Personna: Red Personna is similar to Derby in providing a smooth shaving experience and is ideal for those with sensitive to normal skin. The blade is also suitable for those with average beards but not suitable for men with thicker beards. The Red Personna blades are inexpensive.

Shark: These blades are more popular online, are inexpensive and provide a smooth shave. The blades are inexpensive but the edge quality is inconsistent and blades need to be replaced more often.