Gun Safe In Car

Carrying guns for self-protection have been practiced for several years across the country. In the earlier days, it was most often hub on the back window for easy access to the guns. Nowadays with the ongoing debate about firearms as well as the risk of having your guns stolen, most gun owners prefer to use a trunk gun. Investing in one of the best suv gun safes can also help keep your firearms safe from being stolen according to the experts at

A trunk gun is generally defined as a long gun that is usually kept locked inside the trunk of a vehicle to be used for self-defense. The trunk gun is often carried by people who live in areas where the laws prevent them from carrying a gun on their person or as a backup for the law enforcement. However, you need to be aware of the local laws before proceeding with carrying a trunk gun in your vehicle. For example, some states prohibit carrying a loaded gun in a vehicle, in other states the ammunition needs to be carried separately from the weapon. In a way this also reduces the weapon being used by other unscrupulous people to hurt innocent people or commit a crime.

Secure Storage Of Guns In Vehicles
If you plan on carrying a gun in your vehicle and the state laws allow you to do so, the first step involves examining your vehicle to find a place where the gun can be placed safely. Most cars have enough space to carry the gun under the back seat or in the trunk. Larger vehicles like 4xR drives will have plenty of cargo area, making it easier to keep the gun, whereas harder to conceal from prying eyes at the same time.

Some people prefer to lock their weapons in a steel security box and place it inside the vehicles. There are several steel cases which are specifically designed for carrying weapons in vehicles. It is extremely important that you do not in any way advertise the fact that you are carrying a gun or a weapon in your vehicle. Covering the security steel box with a large blanket or towel is another way to conceal the weapon from others. In case your vehicle gets stolen, the weapon is also stolen. You have to mention the stolen weapon as well while reporting your stolen car to the local law enforcement authorities. This will help you in case your weapon gets used in any crime at a later date.

The number one rule of carrying a gun is ensuring that it is not loaded, even if the manual safety is there. There are chances that a bump in the road might cause the gun to go off causing disastrous consequences for you or your loved ones. A trunk gun can prove helpful in self-defense in case you are ever caught in a dangerous situation. However, you need to make sure that you follow the rules and laws of the land as well as additional safety measures while hauling a trunk gun around.