Who doesn’t love playing a prank and have fun in their life? Prank activities ask for a lot of originality and creativity every time they are tried on someone or group. And that’s why at we find some great pranks which are refreshingly new and funny enough that people laugh all the way. A look at takes you through a journey of prank ideas during wedding functions. The following pranks have proved successful by leaving many victims in its wake:

The Cell Phone Trick
Pretend and create an angry conversation with anyone who has made you angry. Then, quickly toss the mobile phone in air yell at them to fly and grab it. Then, quickly let them know you were throwing a prank.

Camera Smash
Have an old camera handy which no longer works. Click a couple of photographs by lining up people and making a big deal about the whole thing. Now pretend that there is something not right with the camera, become frustrated and aggressively smash the poor camera left and right.

Underwater Camera
Say that your camera is completely waterproof and take in underwater. Now act like you are disappointed and say the camera is not working anymore.

Break My Neck
Stick under the arm with a plastic bottle or even a plastic cup. Complain that chiropractor has hurt your neck. Now put your hand above your head and twist your neck slowly. You can also try the same by saying that you know how to make adjustments to your neck.

Opening A Beer Bottle With Just Your Eye
Twist off the beer bottle cap and place it lightly back on. Now stick the top of the bottle right into your eye and twist it by making a frothy sound. The cap will be popped off and it will make people assume you opened the beer bottle with your eye.

Walk The Wall
Put your hand over your face and walk right into the wall corner. Quickly smack the hand into the wall and crumble on the floor. But rise immediately and announce you are okay before they freak out.

The Combo Trick
This prank needs around 3 people for the performance. Let the first person open the beer bottle with his eye. Then, let the second person move their neck and squash one of the plastic cups. As if, this is not enough, walk into wall and shock the people. The trio trick is enough to keep their jaws open for some time.

Glue The Money
Albeit it is quite old, but it works. Glue a quarter on the floor and watch people trying to pick up the coin.

Water In Vodka Bottle
Get two small bottles filled with liquor for this challenge. Fill one with vodka and another with water. Now drink the latter and offer the former to the challenger. You can also carry the water-filled vodka bottle to meetings or any physical activity. Fool people by saying that you need it to keep your energy going.

Cabinet Medicine Prank
This is a classic prank. In a party, caution the guests by putting a sign on the medicine cabinet that says do not touch. But before this, you have to rig up a small box of marbles inside the cabinet. If anyone attempts to open the cabinet, the marbles will start rolling out.